A1 - Dynamite Party
A2 - Treat You Right
A3 - I Can Be Myself
A4 - Our Alibi
A5 - My Love Keeps On Growing
B1 - Stick Shift  (Part1)
B2 - Stick Shift  (Part2)
B3 - I Ain't Gonna Quit
B4 - Ride My Red Wagon
B5- I'be Got EverythingVisit 
Rayfield Reid & The Magnificents is into so many different things, that is difficult to briefly describe him, so we will just narrow it down to his musical talents. Rayfield Reid & The Magnificents knew that he had to choose music. He has been writing and composing his original music for sixteen years. After choosing the rhythm for his lyrics, Rayfield gets together with Ken Fewell, Quincy Huitt & Jery Reid to work out the arrangements. Most of his time as well as his material has been devoted to Gospel Music, he loves very much & has no intenttions of abandoning. Rayfield comes from a rather small family of ten children, all of whom are musically inclined. He is originally from Mt. Holly, North Carolina where it all began with a family Gospel group. His youngest sister Drusilla, the only other member of the family in this group, is part of the vocal background. He said that this type of backgroundplayed a major roll in weaving him into what he is today.                                                                 
I would like to first of all thank GOD to whom i owe everything. I want to thank my darling wife whom i love very much for many reasons, but especially for her patience. Thanks to Kenneth Fewell, who sorked with me even when it seemed useless to continue. Thanks to Mr. Hoyt Sullivan my producer, who made this all possible. To The Magnificents  for all their help. To Mr Brad McCuen, of SESAC, for a splendid job of directing & to Mr Mike Stone for engineering. To the distributors, D.J.'s, Record shops & relatiers & of course, all of you. 
Rayfield Reid

Label -- Ken-Tone 


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