GHETTO FUNK 70s - Rare Deep Funk

One more time, this is a funky fix,  deep funk selection, for those who use to play those soundz in their parties, props !! Take it easy if you don't like the sound playin, for sure you're not prepare for that yet !! Hé hé.. Anyway, for my brothers & sisters all around the world, now you know me & my crew, we have a large point of view of whats really named FUNK in every countries all around the world..Stay tuned 'cause this place is gonna be sure funky !! Peace 
 SHADES OF TIME - Can you dig it
TIMOTHY - Funky movement n°2
THE LEADERS - It's a rat race
 YORK WILBURN & THE PSYCHEDELIC SIX - Psychedellic hot pants
 JAES SOUL - Sintonia en sou
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