Itadi - Watch Your Life Mama - 1977 Disques Aziza & 2013 Hot Casa

A1 - Watch Your Life
A2 - Ibakubuele
A3 - Peace And Freedom
A4 - Mama
B1 - Dodzi
B2 - Hustle
B3 - Live In Other World
B4 - Ayala  

1977 - Disques Aziza 
2013 - Hot Casa 
 Composed By – Itadi (tracks: A1-A4, B2-B4)
A tremendous Afro Soul album recorded in Togo in 1977 by Itadi Bonney .
This rare album was created by a four piece band formed and leaded by Itadi. It was recorded live in Ghana at the radio station and remixed in Togo.
A really stunning fusion of funky arrangement, jazz inspiration and typical togoleese rhythm sung in English and Mina and Akposo)..
The message was political calling for African unity and against dictatorship which obliged him to install in Washington Dc during the 70’s …
Itadi Bonney, a native of Togo, West Africa, is an international musician who is a composer, arranger, vocalist and guitarist. Itadi's music is a blend of Ghana's high life and soul to create a sparkling, undulating and emininently danceable weave of melodies and rhythms, punctuated by funky keys and layered with smooth vocals and harmonies. Itadi has toured France, Ghana, Benin, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and U.S. Official license, pressed on a heavy cover deluxe included an interview of the artist, 180 g , limited press.

On You-Tube:Hot Casa 
French Collection 
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