Wganda Kenya - Afromania Caribe - 1996 Discos Fuentes (Hear)

A1 - Kiliboi        
A2 - Shakalaode        
A3 - Matilda        
A4 - El Aluminio        
A5 - Rosalia        
B1 - Homenaje A Los Embajadores        
B2 - Gigolo        
B3 - Pim Pom        
B4 - El Evangelio        
B5 - El Testamento
1996 - Discos Fuentes 
Special thanks to DJ NESS (Afrobeat) digger & activist in  our french special in Afrobeat. A part of his huge collection of original & rare vintage african vinyls !!
DJ NESS: https://www.facebook.com/DjNessAfroBeat?ref=ts&fref=ts
Qui Est Il: http://site.music4live.fr/dj-ness-mix-sur-music-4-live/
This is a brand new line on our channel, with this french crate digger, specialist on afrobeat & afrofunk, he use to travel around the world to bring back the funkiest & effective funk from latin to african countries, cause he spins only vinyl on his set !! 

On You-Tube:French Collection
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