Theadora Ifudu - First Time Out - 1979 Theagart

A1 - Hello There!
A2 - (Gbata Ngwa) Egwu Abia
A3 - Four In A Tangle
B1 - (When Will It Be) Right Time
B2 - That Man
B3 - The Way We Are (Reprise)
Label -- Theagart Records 
The last of a family of five, a former hostess, of the now dead 'Bar Beach Show', Theadora Ifudud is a New York University film/Tv graduate. She is also, among other things, a writer, a scorpio, a Nigerian, an actress, a good cook, a composer, an introvert, a photographer, a composer, a ragdoll, a moon watcher, a pink tiger, a personality - an artiste...

"I don't remember making this album - take that back, i don't remember feeling like i was making an album. I figure there should be this robust, euphoric air that ought to accompany a first-ever, a life-long hope-to-do. Well, there wasn't.
I remember being told, "Hei, you should make a record, and hme answering "Well-eh-ok". And right there that base, déjà-what you ma-calit tone was struck and has ever kept reverberating till even as I write this, after final mix. Compound this with very under stated producer, Ray.
The arrangement of the album was a beuty too. I managed "Egwu abia" by myself and arranged all backround vocals. Ray took care of horns. Joni Haastrup arrives later and helps put finishing touches. But mostly it was all a team work. Now for some strange reason everybody enjoyed working on this album.I don't understand it. Even the musicians, chorus girls, and studio folks in London. Now, that I definietely do not understand. Someone did say, "Hei, you should make an album". "Maybe, someone will say, "hei you have made an album". Maybe someone is YOU. 

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