Andrea Vereen & The St Mark's Choir - Oh Say Can You See - 1974 Peacock

A1 - Who Is He
A2 - (Listen To The) Moanin' Prayer
A3 - Sister Mary Lockley
A4 - What Have You Done (For Your Master)
B1 - Calvary
B2 - I Feel Good
B3 - Oh, Say Can You See
B4 - Joy Bells
Liner NotesJim Cleaver
Photography ByChris Callis
ProducerLee Young (2), Tony May

    The universal need for a christian concept is not confined to the senior citizens, nor is it restricted to the same old staid and unchanging concept of christianity.
    The literal translation of the word "Gospel" is "Good News". Since the early days of Jesus in the temple at the Passover, young people have carried the "Good News".
    Which each new generation, there has come a new form; a new vehicle for that "Good News". Andrea Vereen, directress of St Mark's Choir of brooklyn has chosen a delightful & pleasing form for her "Good News". In years past, the telling of the gospel story has taken on the strait-laced, staid and sometimes solemm face of the teller. But St Mark's Choir is a new departure from the old way. It is the contemporary story of how the young people see & feel gospel. And indeed they do feel it. This is evidenced by songs like "I Feel Good", a veritable youth testimony and "Sister Mary Lockley", a "Now" story of how youth see the church and the people in the church.
    This is a new church music based on the feeling of TODAY and the true concept of Christian attitudes, combined with the strength that a deep and abiding faith can provide. This is the "now" church with the "now" music and the feeling of eternal faith.
     Songs like "Joy Bells" and "What Have You Done For Your Master", leave no doubt in your mind that this is indeed sacred music that gives you the lift you need for tomorrow. This is contemporary gospel as its best.
    This is today's form of the faith that brought our forefathers to the point where they said, "We've come this far by faith". That faith has no changed, nor as the belief in the Master Plan. This is today's music. There is nothing strange about this music. It is the praise of GOD. It has the mark of the ghetto, the sound of today and embodies the feeling of young peopleall over this land.

                                    Jim Cleaver


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