Ralph Young - Cool Off The Floor ! - 1976 Goldband

A1 - Cool Off The Floor    
A2 - Look What You'Ve Done To Our Love    
A3 - Like You Do Today    
A4 - Just Can't Be    
A5 - Take A Little Time    
B1 - Your Love Don't Show    
B2 - I Know You Know    
B3 - Cold As Ice    
B4 - Where Did Your Love Go    
B5 - Never Met A Girl Like You
RALPH YOUNG is a total musician who plays all instruments on this record expect  DRUMS Drummer being DANNY NOE the noted, Famous one.
Ralph Young has played with such famous and recognized talents as: Barbara Lynn, Bobby Powers, The Kelley Brothers, (Carvells)Joe Simon, Rocking Sidney. 
RALPH YOUNG Knows nothing but music his whole life is music, due to the fact that he has been sighless from birth. He even made a guitar out a cigar box. In addition he is a very talented writer whom you will be hearing a lot from, Beginning Now. Because his star is just (with This LP) the start of many Successes to FOLLOW.
Artwork By: Maryee Washington, a great, great, grandaughter of George Washington.  

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