Various ‎- Homegrown III - 1978 KKUA

 A1 - Keawe's Homestead Gang – Kaauhuhu Homestead
A2 - Jeri Gertz – Semi-Precious Baby
A3 - Leahi – Ke Kula O Hawaii
A4 - Dick Diamondhead – Paniolo Joe
A5 - AYM – Kuuipo Lei Makamae
A6 - Marvin Franklin with Kimo and the Guys – Kona Winds   
B1 - Rudy and the Misty Morning Band – The Wise Old Man From Haliimaile 
B2 - Debbie Gima and Friends – Hamakua Plantation Sugar Canefield Blues     
B3 - Miles Lee and the Hawaiian Electric Band – Blue Pacific Nights   
B4 - Blossom –  Ballad Of The Bust
B5 - Emerson Brothers, The – Kai Hanupanupa
B6 - Warmth Of Pumehana – - Sail On Malama
 1978 - KKUA

A creation by Marvin Franklin, Introduces the vocal talents of franklin, a marine corps corporal originally from Indianapolis who is now stationed here. He's worked as a north shore lifeguard and his entry details the influence of the so-called "Kona Winds"; which create" the perfect tubes - the juice in a wave" in his own lingo, Franklin already is a hit on the marine base in kaneohe; he's got spunk and get-upand-go. He even performed with the rock group War at "Lehi '78";, The Diamond Head Crater Festival last Labor Day. The group providing the music is Kimo & The Guys, led by Kimo Kamaunu, Bobby Kamaunu (Kimo's brother), David Pierce & Carlton Lucas.
Post Production: Donn Tyler, Commercial Recording 
Music Selection: Don Ho, Peter Moon, Tom Moffatt, Wayne Harada (Honolulu Advertiser), Don Weller (Bilboard Magazine), Ron Jacobs, Ed Kanoi, Keala Kai (KKUA), Roger Brossy (Stereo Wave 93) 
Facilities: Dunbar Wakayama, Audio Media
Art Selection: Tom Sellers (Sellers Advertising), Gary Nomura (Art Director, Channel Nine), Habilitat Graphics
Mahalo To Air Hawaii For Invaluable Assistance

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