Brandye ‎- Crossover To Brandye - 1978 Kayvette

 A1 - Crossover Acappella
A2 - You Accuse Me
A3 - I Love The Way You Love
A4 - How Long
A5 - Mr. Mystery
B1 - Rhythm Of Love
B2 - Curiosity
B3 - One Woman's Trash
B4 - I Can Weigh My Love
 1978 -- Kayvette Records
Kayvette was a small label co-owned by Brad Shapiro, who did a lot of production for T.K. The Kayvette label started in 1975, and lasted until 1980 or so. The label distribution was handled by T.K. Productions. Kayvette issued 19 singles and four albums. The label had an odd success story, as nine of their first eleven singles charted, then none of the last eight. Fourteen of their 19 singles were by just two artists, Jackie Moore and the Facts of Life (formerly, Gospel Truth). 
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