Ronnie Butler & The Ramblers - Expressions Of Life - 1978 Pot Luck

A1 - Shot-Gun Wedding
A2 - (Nothing Can Shake) Our Love
A3 - Ulise
A4 - Paper Doll
A5 - Sunshine
B1 - Peace Without Love
B2 - A Woman's Needs Are Small
B3 - I'm Tired
B4 - Freedom 
B5 - More Than A Lover 
...About This Album

"Our Love" is happy, "Ulise" is sad, "Paper Doll" is a young girl who's life was hard. "Sunshine" is warm, "I'm Tired" Is forlorn, "Freedom" is good-bye when ove is gone,. "Peace Without Love" is what the world just can't achieve, "Shot-Gun Weddin" is an ace up the father's sleeve. Happiness is realizing "A Woman's Needs Are Small", Be "More Than A Lover" or have no woman at all. These "Expressions Of Love" come from us to you, Distinctly Bahamian but Universal too !! 

...Ronnie Butler & The Rampblers

Label --  Pot Luck
All Songs Written By -- Eddie Minnis
Songs Arranged By -- Eddie Minnis, Ronnie Butler & The Ramblers
Engineer -- Mott
Producer -- Eddie Minnis
Co-Producer -- Mott
Cover Photographs By -- Andrew Aitken from "The Photographers", Nassau

1978 Pot Luck Enterprises, LTD.
P.O. BOX 2426 G.T.
Nassau, Bahamas


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